Possible Irakandji Sting?

Possible irakandji sting

Has anyone else woken up the day after a windsurfing/kitesurfing session with a blinding headache, sore joints, aching back around your kidneys, cold sweats, feelings of nausea and fatigue? - and no I wasn't on a bender the night before ;) Then I found this inflamed area of red skin on my arm. The weird thing is I don't remember being stung, and I always wear long sleeve rashie.

Suspicions raised the second time it happened...

This is the second time this has happened. The previous time was the first weekend in May this year. Back then, the red area of burning skin was just above my elbow - with similar symptoms the day after a windsurfing session.

The first time it happened, farmers up north suggested it might be a jelly fish sting - apparently there are over 10 species of Irakandji and stings have been recorded as far south as Fraser Island. Symptoms are usually much more severe, but then again I was wearing a rashie, maybe they would have been worse if I been stung on bare skin. I went to the doctor this time and had some blood tests. I will post an update when I get the results back.

I only notice the sting if I touch it, other than that it is imperceptible - but when touched, it feels like a burn. If it had happened on my shin, I could easily have mistaken it for a scrape. This time the pain of the sting was not as intense, but I also put some steroidal cream on it straight away, which seemed to make it settle down much quicker. Last time, it took about a week to go go away.

UPDATE 10/11/2011

The results from my blood tests, didn't come up with any alternative explanation. I also had a chat with Nev about John, who abandoned windsurfing after regularly coming down with post session fevers that would last a few days. Symptoms that seem rather similar.

Posted by Henry Thomas, 9 years ago on Tuesday, November 8, 2011

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Mike said...

A spider in your wetsuit maybe?

Posted 9 years ago on Saturday, November 19, 2011

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