Slow-mo Kitesurfing

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This was shot with my Sony DSC-HX100V super zoom camera, which has a 30x optical zoom, optical image stabalisation and shoots in full HD 1080p at 50fps. Once again it was blowing a gale (20+ knots) so it was really difficult to keep the camera steady, even mounted on a carbon fibre Benro monopod. This was my first time using this camera, and I only found out later that a dodgy circular polarizer filter (CPL) I used caused focus problems. I am still getting used to which settings work best.

Shots from the day

Lady Di

Di Kitesurfing

Jason boosts

Jason Boosts

Jason kitesurfing

Jason wondering ...

Filter Problems

My Sony DMC-HX100V Super Zoom Camera

Above is a photo of my Sony DMC-HX100V setup. I added a filter adapter to it from a guy named Mike in Poland. However while the adapter and lens hood are good, the circular polariser filter (CPL) I got, even though it was meant for digital cameras was absolute crap. It resulted in out of focus images when the camera was fully zoomed in on subjects (at 30x resolution, which is 35mm equivalent to a 400mm lens).

Dodgy circular polarizer (CPL)

Dodgy Circular Polariser Filter (CPL)

Above is a shot of the roof of a house down the road with the CPL filter. These are all 100% crops from the original images.

With MC-Digital UV Filter

MC-Digital UV Filter

Above is the same shot with a MC-Digital UV Filter.

No filter

No Filter

Above is the same shot with NO FILTER - which just goes to show how good the Carl Zeiss lens optics on this camera really are.

Comparison with hx9v

Comparison with hx9v

My gold Sony DSC-HX9V Finally I did a comparison shot with my smaller hx9v compact digital camera. Even this image, blown up to the same size, is clearer than the CPL image. The nice thing about these two cameras is because they have the same imager and chip-set, they capture images that are very close, making colour matching video clips less of an issue - so this pair is great pair for multi-camera setups.

UPDATE 16/03/2012

I purchased a set of high quality German B+W replacement filters and the results to my eye look really good.

New B+W filters

You can see the quality of the coatings on this B+W MRC UV-IR-CUT filter.

B+W UV Results

B+W UV Results (100% crop)

B+W CPL Results

B+W CPL Results (100% crop)

Posted by Henry Thomas, 9 years ago on Sunday, February 19, 2012


Mat watkins said...

Hey thanks henry! It really cool you do this, caleb is tearin it up sick stuff!

Posted 9 years ago on Monday, February 20, 2012

Gavin said...

Hi Henry, I really enjoyed looking at the slowmo, with Caleb and Ray. Say hello to Nev, Royce, and the crew. I have been kitesurfing at Victoria Point, and if the weathers not to bad tomorrow morning might go to Wellington point for a windsurf. Hope you all are well, regards Gavin

Posted 9 years ago on Friday, February 24, 2012

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