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Better Late Than Never!

The wind prediction was spot-on, I got there at 3 pm, and as predicted, 10 minutes later it was honking. Gav and Nev arrived later in the day, but sometimes it better to be late, and stay late, than miss out altogether.

Willyweather wind prediction

Accurately predicted

I have to admit, the two day wind forecasts on [ Willyweather for Elliot Heads ] are amazingly accurate. It predicted the wind would lift above 20 knots just after 3pm and it did not disappoint. It was calm when I arrived but I could start to see the white caps forming in the distance. Ten minutes later the sand was lifting - a clear sign the wind speed is over 16 knots - perfect for a cranking session. The [ Bundy airport wind report from Seabreeze ] confirms the timing and strength.

Actual wind reported on seabreeze

Does windsurfing help or hurt an injured back?

This was my first session back after my whiplash injury from the car crash and everyone was interested to know how I was feeling. Well I have to say that this morning (the following day) I feel terrific - like the best physio session ever. There is no pain, and my muscels feel all loose and relaxed. My mate Gav pointed out to me that this issue has been the subject of some recent debate on Seabreeze. I would tend to agree, while there is the potential to injure your back from hyper-extension lifting rigs and uphauling sails incorrectly (keep your back straight and bend your knees). As an activity, windsurfing exercises your core in an intense, fun and exciting way - its way more fun than doing ab crunches at the Gym.

This is definitely my preferred form of physiotherapy - bring it on!

Posted by Henry Thomas, 9 years ago on Tuesday, September 27, 2011


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